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Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2024
Research Paper

Propagation of Azerbaijani chestnut by tissue culture

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Chingiz Balazade1 ID logo and Gharib Hafizov2* ID logo

Afr.Res.J.Bio.Sc. 1(1) (2024) 44-52, DOI:
Received: 12/10/2023|Accepted: 08/01/2024|Published: 25/01/2024


Castanea sativa Mill., an indigenous species of the mountainous Gabala region of Azerbaijan, where its local variety is now facing the danger of extinction. The preservation of this variety of European chestnut requires the development of effective strategies for reliable in vitro regeneration systems as an alternative to traditional methods, which has become the main objective of this study. In solving this problem, the generally accepted technique of micro-multiplication of axillary shoots was mainly used. First, a phased sterilization was carried out using liquid soap, Previkur fungicide and mercury (II) chloride. DKW (Driver and Kuniyuki Walnut) nutrient medium was used for germination of explants, into which growth stimulants BAP (Benzilamunapurine), IBA (Indole - 3 butyric acid), IAA (Indole Acetic acid), NAA (Naphthalene Acetic Acid) and GA3 (Gibberelic acid) were introduced in various combinations and quantities. The test of the abovementioned sterilization model revealed significant shortcomings in terms of the acceptability of the results obtained (16-77%). It was also found that the germination of explants takes 14 days and it is better to conduct it in a DKW environment containing hormones BAP (0.6 mg), IBA (0.1 mg) and GA3 (0.1 mg)/1 L DKW. A mixture of BAP (0.1 mg) + IBA (0.35 mg) is more suitable for the reproduction of grown explants + GA3 (0.2 mg)/1 l DKW (the result is 3 new micro-plants for each explant), and for good root formation (it takes 30 days) – a mixture of IBA 1.0 mg + NAA 0.5 mg + IAA 0.5 mg/l L DKW. After the shoots have acquired a certain length (at least 1.5 cm), it is required to transfer them for 22 days to a DKW medium containing IBA (1 mg), IAA (0.5 mg) and NAA(0.5 mg)/l L DKW so that the root splitting process begins and ends.

Key words: Azerbaijani chestnut, Nutrient medium, Hormones, Micro-shoots in vitro, Root induction

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