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Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2024
Research Paper

Population dynamics of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) in Lake Mai-Ndombe, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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D.N. Tshiyombo1, K.N. Ngbolua2* ID logo, M. Mawunu3 ID logo, P.T. Mpiana4 ID logo and V. Mudogo5 ID logo

Afr.Res.J.Bio.Sc. 1(1) (2024) 34-43, DOI:
Received: 09/09/2023|Accepted: 31/12/2023|Published: 25/01/2024


This study consisted of studying the population dynamics of Clarias gariepinus in Lake Mai-Ndombe in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Length frequency data was collected from May 2020 to February 2021 at the Inongo located in the Mai-Ndombe Province. These data were compiled and analyzed using Microsoft Excel, FISAT software and R Studio. The growth coefficient (K), the asymptotic length (L), the theoretical age at which the species measures zero centimeters (t0) were respectively: 0.28/year; 55.56 cm and -0.50 years. Natural mortality, fishing mortality and total mortality were also estimated and their values were respectivelly: 0.35/year; 0.7/year and 1.05/year. The average length at first capture was 23 cm. The results of yield per recruit (Y/R) analyzes showed that the maximum fishing mortality rate (Fmax) was 0.8/year and the optimal length at first capture (Lop) was 31 cm. these results show that this fishery is still good. But, to avoid any sudden change in stock status, fishing quota regulations are recommended for this fishery. Furthermore, advanced stock assessment model like Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries would be very necessary to determine other parameters such as: Biodiversity, environmental and socioeconomic factors which are very important for sustainable resource management fisheries in this Lake.

Key words: Clarias gariepinus, Stock assessment, Fisheries ecological parameters, Lake Mai-Ndombe

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