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Current Issue of African Research Journal of Biosciences

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2024
Review Article

Advancing early disease detection: The pivotal role of sensor technologies

| Open Access

Ziaul Haque1* and Md Parvez Alam2

Afr.Res.J.Bio.Sc. 1(1) (2024) 17-20, DOI:
Received: 22/10/2023|Accepted: 10/01/2024|Published: 25/01/2024


This review explores the transformative impact of sensor technologies in early disease detection. It highlights recent advancements in nanotechnology-based sensors, particularly focusing on their applications in identifying disease biomarkers at early stages. The integration of these sensors with artificial intelligence for predictive analytics in healthcare is also discussed. Applications in cancer, infectious diseases, and chronic disease management underscore their diverse utility. Challenges in sensor technology adoption and future directions, including multiplexed sensors and wearable devices, are examined. This review underscores sensors’ potential in enhancing disease management and patient outcomes.

Key words: Cancer, Carbon nanotube, Sensors, Health sector, Environmental impact

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