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Current Issue of African Research Journal of Biosciences

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2024
Review Article

Biofilm-associated proteins as potential drug targets

| Open Access

Hasnan Nor1 and Zaid Mohd2*

Afr.Res.J.Bio.Sc. 1(1) (2024) 13-16, DOI:
Received: 08/10/2023|Accepted: 05/01/2024|Published: 25/01/2024


Biofilm-associated proteins (BAPs) are important in the development and resilience of biofilms, which are intricate populations of microbes protected by extracellular matrix. All members of the BAP family are known to possess common characteristics such as high molecular weight and a signal sequence for extracellular secretion. It has been shown that BAPs are directly linked to the pathogenicity of many bacteria. This mini review highlights several potential strategies to target BAPs for drug development.

Key words: Biofilm, Proteins, Drug target, Essential, Non-host homologous

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