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Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2024
Review Article

The mitochondrial respirasome is adapted for the β-oxidation of fatty acids

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Alexander V. Panov1* ID logo

Afr.Res.J.Bio.Sc. 1(1) (2024) 1-12, DOI:
Received: 27/10/2023|Accepted: 11/01/2024|Published: 25/01/2024


The single set of electron transporters of the cardiac mitochondrial respiratory chain is organized into three separate supercomplexes. Two of them contain complex I, a dimer of complex III, and two dimers of complex IV. The third supercomplex contains a dimer of complex III and two dimers of complex IV. We also considered two important discoveries. First, the enzymes of β-oxidation of fatty acids are physically associated with respirasome. Second, β-oxidation of fatty acids creates the highest level of QH2 and reverses the flow of electrons from QH2 through complex II, reducing fumarate to succinate. We argue that the respirasome is uniquely adapted for the β-oxidation of fatty acids. The acylCoA dehydrogenase complex reduces the membrane’s pool of ubiquinone to QH2, which is instantly oxidized by the 2complex III-4complex IV supercomplex, generating high energization of mitochondria and reversing the electrons flow through the complex II, which reverses the electrons flow through the complex I increasing the NADH/NAD+ ratio in the matrix. The mitochondrial nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase catalyzes a hydride (H, a proton plus two electrons) transfer across the inner mitochondrial membrane, reducing the cytosolic pool of NADP(H), thus providing the heart with ATP for muscle contraction and energy and reducing equivalents for the housekeeping processes.

Key words: Heart mitochondria, β-Oxidation of fatty acids, Respiratory chain, Respirasome, ubiquinone, Ubiquinol, Oxidative phosphorylation, Tricarboxylic acid cycle

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